Pandemonium at the Pantorium

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By Vincent Geerts
Ames247 Staff Writer

On the first Friday of the next 10 months, various Ames musicians will perform inside the historic Ames Pantorium to help raise money for KHOI community radio. This station will give anyone from the community a chance to be heard on air, including the local artists who will perform to help secure KHOI’s place in the airwaves.

Nate Logsdon, KHOI board member and Mumford’s front man, booked the 10-month concert series, called “Pandemonium at the Pantorium.”

“The bands and artists are just donating their time and talent to help out,” Logsdon said. “It’s very cool.”

In addition to helping KHOI reach its fundraising goal of $100,000, Pandemonium at the Pantorium will expose a new community space to the public.

“Another goal is to expose the radio station to individuals for whom it will have value,” Logsdon said. “Part of that’s musicians, music fans and people who love Ames.”

As one of many musicians devoting time to the Pandemonium, former Iowa State Daily staff writer Dylan Boyle thinks KHOI will be a great benefit to the community. He used Fairfield’s community radion station, 100.1 KRUU, as evidence of what KHOI could be for Ames.

“Community radio can be really important,” Boyle said. “In Fairfield, the station has become a big part of their community.”

Dominic Rabalais, member of Fairfield band Utopia Park and host of his own show on KRUU, said the station has brought the community together. Anyone can volunteer to help with the station, and its schedule features more than 75 original broadcasts per week.

“It’s another avenue for bands and audiences to interact with local music,” Rabalais said. “Another excuse to have bands play in exciting new situations and broadcast them.”

Logsdon said performances during Pandemonium may be recorded for future broadcast, and the possibility of not reaching the target $100,000 is not on his mind.

“It’s not an option to not go on the air,” Logsdon said. “It’s just a question of how soon we get it.”

Though only the first five months are fully scheduled, local favorites like the Poison Control Center, Christopher the Conquered and Mumford’s are already set to perform for the building in downtown Ames. It begins this Friday with performances from Jen McClung, Jaw Harp Potential and the all-ukulele band Trying To Be Cute. Each show begins at 7 p.m., and all $5 admissions will go directly to putting KHOI on the air.

Pandemonium at the Pantorium
When: 7 p.m.
Where: The Ames Pantorium, 410 Douglas Ave.
Cost: $5

Friday — Jen McClung, Jaw Harp Potential, Trying To Be Cute

Dec. 2 — Local Jazz Showcase featuring The Fusion Formula

Jan. 6 — Poison Control Center record release, Christopher the Conquered, Kate Kennedy

Feb. 3 — The Most Handsome Duo, Steve Clark, Fred Love

March 2 — Utopia Park, Mumford’s, Doctor Murdock

April through August — TBA


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